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Friday, October 02, 2009

Augere launched Qubee in Pakistan.

Augere officially launched Qubee in Pakistan on 1st October 2009. Currently covering Karachi but soon you will find them in ISB and in LHR as well. It's always good to become wiser than wise, and learning from bad experiences, other wimax companies launched their products when their networks were not that strong and media campaigns attracted users but in the end failed to deliver.

That's why Qubee is not making this mistake , they are coming in market gradually. In first step they gave Free testing accounts to users to check their service on test basis, meanwhile they added their network infrastructure and then they started giving accounts to SMEs and business , after that now they are in market with home user packages , wiser move , no ads , no money investment for media campaigns , why not give to their sales team? I think it's a good strategy. This could be easy for them if they run ads on TV and they would get thousands of users(People are not happy with currently wimax solutions at all) but they don't want their users to suffer.